How it works, online or on-site

Everyone loves estate sales, and we love making them happen. Whether it’s a small or large estate, we do it better than anyone else. As a shopper, you gain access to pre-sale events online. Purchase and pay for your items and pickup on the day of the estate sale to avoid the on-site haggle.


Browse Estates

You can view all of our currently active estate sales for items that might spark your interest. You get a first look at all of our estate sales on If you find an item you love in the Pre-Sale Specials section you can take the next step and purchase it.

Make an Offer or Buy Now

If you have found that “must have” item, all you need to do is Make An Offer or Buy Now! Everyone has a chance to make up to three offers on any product available for pre-sale, if your offer is accepted you will be prompted to add the item to your cart where you can checkout. If your offers are not accepted you can always select the Buy Now! option. However, don’t wait too long to pay for your item as a better offer might be accepted while it’s in your cart!


Getting Your Items

Once Estate Love’s pre-sale items are purchased they are made available for pickup the days of the actual estate sale. You can always find where and when to pickup your items on the estate listing page, on your orders, and on your receipt email. Make sure to bring your proof of identification and a copy of your order receipt email, either printed or on your mobile phone, and you will be all set!

On-Site Exclusives

Not interested in any of the Pre-Sale Specials? At the bottom of each estate listing page you will find our On-Site Exclusives section. These items are only available on-site during the estate sale. It’s your “sneak-peek” access to view all of the unique items you’ll be able to buy once you are at the estate sale!


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