It can be complicated to get a feeling of someone’s personality and character on 1st dates. This is why it’s important to go forth in public – there’s not any better way to find out whether or not your date fits your needs.

1 woman was lucky enough to become saved from a potentially disastrous date by a stranger who spotted several red flags. Hadia S shared the story about Twitter, uncovering that a person in a cafe had discreetly handed her a note even though her date was in the bathroom.

According to her tweet, the man was passing her internet dating advice and letting her know of a lot of red flags that have been spotted throughout their first encounter. The notice was scrawled around the back of an existing CVS receipt, and she was left with a that her time was potentially at risk.

The woman decided to keep the date and remained faithful to her time frame, despite his contentious tastes.

Gifts are always a great way to show your date that you care about them and that you really want to make a great impression built in. There are many different options to pick out via, so spend some time choosing the best gift.

A Game

Receving your date to play a game is a fun and entertaining method to get to know them better. Game titles like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride are great options, or some thing a little more unique like Cards Against Humanity or Cranium will do the job too.

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